First hand look at our all new DBU RDB at COMMON

DBU saves the typical programmer quadruple the keystrokes and a major headache on a daily basis! Imagine what our DBU remote database plugin will do!

Now you can access cross-platform real-time data on remote systems using one interface! DBU RDB allows you to connect via green screen to your Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL and DB2 databases. Powerful DBU functionality can be deployed for cross-platform access to data.

The setup process for remote database access through DBU is straightforward.  Load the DBU RDB plugin and the connection paths are available to all DBU. One single tool, one interface across multiple platforms opens remote pockets of information to those who need it.  Create DBU applications for users to automatically access remote data.  Hours spent learning other means to access databases on each system is eliminated. DBU RDB does the work for you!

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The season is heating up. The Hartley Racing team was on fire at the O'Reilly Spring Nationals in Houston, TX.

Joe Hartley's Round 3 Elimination win gave them the lane choice in his family's first-ever trip to a Top Fuel final round. Their opponent was Top Fuel sophomore J.R. Todd. Todd left a little quicker, however Hartley Racing takes an impressive second place with a time of 4.645 at 307.79.

The buzz is out that Joe Hartley and the Hartley Racing Team are looking to make their mark this year. Be sure to catch the excitement and cheer on the Hartley Racing Top Fuel Dragster! See you at the tracks!

Did you know...DBU/GUI does NOT require Interactive CPW?

Avoiding the 5250 data stream is just as important - if not more important - before IBM decided to change the way it packages and sells the IBM i/iSeries. With two editions of OS/400 (one that includes all the interactive 5250 CPW you can use, called Enterprise, and one that includes none of it, called Standard), buying the Enterprise Edition, when the Standard Edition would suffice, can easily add hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra fees to the cost of an iSeries server. And you would still be able to access your database files through the use of DBU/GUI.
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