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IBM i Software Solutions

Our IBM i / AS400 programmer productivity solutions include: DBU database utility & file editor to access IBM iSeries (AS/400) data AND any data on any platform, DBU Audit to monitor database changes made with DBU, RDB Connect RDB Connect provides your IBM iSeries (AS/400) full SQL access to remote databases from all IBM i high-level languages, RDR to retrieve all deleted records from any member of a physical file, SQL / Pro takes the complex structure of SQL and breaks it down to a simple English-like language, SQL Audit track and monitor modifications made to any IBM iSeries (AS400) database using ProData's SQL/Pro or IBM's SQL.All of our products are V6R1 ready.

ProData utilities include: CvtRPGIV- converts old RPG source to RPGIV;, DBUnifier - on-demand database tool for application deployment; NestRPG - place nesting information in a source member; ProTools - eighteen system utilities with the source code included; RPGIV Templates -  fifteen programs which every development shop can use, and Splf2EML, Splf2HTML and Splf2PDF to convert your spooled files.